Welcome to RYL Studios’ Type Beat Challenge!

We bring the music studio experience to you.

COVID 19 has limited IRL opportunities for musicians making the power of collaboration more important than it’s ever been! Join the RYL Studios’ Type Beat Challenge to connect with up-and-coming producers and get their free sound packs!



What Is It?

“Type Beat Challenge” is a virtual studio experience that highlights new genres and creates connections between the best up and coming music producers nationwide. Every 2 weeks a new “Type Beat Challenge” is launched with an RYL Studios producer dropping an original sound pack and inspo playlist, followed by a live production demo using the pack, an IG live Q+A, and a live showcase of participants’ beats.

How Does It Work?

Week One


Challenge Kick Off:
4:00pm PST: Join us live on our IG @remixyourlife.

Sound Pack Release:
Check back on latest challenge page (below) to download a new sound pack.


Soundpack Unboxing:
4:00pm PST: Tune into live demo on Twitch

Week Two


Q&A with the Challenge Host:
4:00pm PST: Join us live on our IG, @remixyourlife.

Inspo Playlist Drop:
Check back on latest challenge page (below) for an inspo playlist.


Last day of the cycle to submit your beat and be featured in the beat showcase.

4:00pm PST: Tune in live on Twitch for feedback and a beat showcase

Upcoming Type Beat Challenges

Previous Type Beat Challenges