A New Season of Adult ISH

A New Season of Adult ISH

Season 3 of the Critically Acclaimed Culture, Storytelling, and Advice Podcast for Young and Young-at-Heart Listeners Begins Today

Adult ISH, the culture and advice podcast co-hosted by Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen is back for a new season. 

Merk and Nyge are still getting through their early 20’s, documenting their experiences for young and young-at-heart listeners, and getting advice along the way. New episodes of the podcast will be available every Thursday through June 18, with a weekly mix of candid conversations on taboo subjects, unfiltered advice and lively storytelling. Season three will also feature special guest appearances by almost-adults and O.G. adults alike, including actors and entertainers, activists, writers, musicians, and influencers. 

New episodes will include:

  • Break-up stories and advice, including Merk breaking the news to her boyfriend that she’s moving (again!)—this time to Los Angeles––and influencer Justina Sharp, an ‘expert’ on bestie break-ups.

  • Tackling the taboo of periods with a panel that includes comedian Kate Elston of the "Vicious Cycle" podcast about all things periods. Plus, to better empathize with people who bleed, Nyge has his first ‘period’ (we’ll explain...) and puts the “men” in “menstruation.”

  • Exploring where human meets machine, including a conversation with The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal about tracking loved ones via cell phone and an interview with activist Haben Girma, Harvard Law’s first deaf-blind graduate, who lays out what she’s doing to remove digital barriers for people with disabilities. Also, Nyge and Merk listen to some human and AI-generated poetry, fiction, and voices to gauge whether the “Uncanny Valley” feeling sets in.

  • Young millennials getting hitched, including a conversation with YouTuber HeyFranHey on whether getting married at all makes sense.

  • A personal take on outrunning anxiety, as Nyge shares his struggles with anxiety, how it led to him being hospitalized, and how he’s learning more and more how to navigate through.

“Last season, we were finally able to open up with our audience and be vulnerable,” said Nyge. “This season, we’re pulling the curtain all the way back, showing the good, the bad and the ugly. My goal is to just show that I'm human. I've fallen on my face, made the wrong decision, and flat-out shot for my dreams and failed. Adulting isn't about what's right or wrong, it's such a complicated journey. We want to show you every side of it." 

“I think no matter what age you are, becoming an adult always feels like an ongoing process packed with all kinds of technicolor emotions and thoughts,” said Merk. “We never want to shy away from that. So this season, we’re showing you sides of ourselves you might not be used to hearing––like how I used to be a ‘mean girl’ in school, or how my religion plays a huge factor in my life. We’re excited to share these new episodes of Adult ISH with listeners.”

Adult ISH was created by YR Media in 2018 and is brought to audiences by the Radiotopia podcast network from PRX. Deemed essential listening by The New York Times and AV Club, says Colorlines: “It helps to hear others who speak the same awkward language open up about friendship, immigration, therapy, birth control and more. That’s where [Adult ISH] comes in.”

Learn more about Nyge, Merk and the show here and follow along on social media:

●      Nyge: @nygelt

●    Merk: @ultraraduberfad

●      Adult ISH: @YRAdultISH

●      Radiotopia: @radiotopia

Adult ISH is available via Apple Podcasts, Google Play, RadioPublic, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn and wherever podcasts are available.

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