4 Teen Olympians Who Will Make You Question What You’ve Been Doing With Your Life


Happy 2018 Winter Olympics y’all! Time to reflect on the accomplishments of some of the world’s most elite young athletes and ask…. what am I doing with my life? Let’s get started!

Vincent Zhou, 17, USA: Figure Skating

Born: October 25, 2000

Age he started skating: 5

Zhou is the youngest U.S. Olympian. Zhou will be one of six 17-year-olds on the U.S. team. He’s 22 years younger than the oldest U.S. Olympian, ice hockey player Brian Gionta, 39. The average age of team USA is a little over 26, so yeah. There’s that. Skip to 1:40 to see him do a quadruple lutz triple toe combo that will make you question how you spent your childhood.

Watch him compete on February 9 so you can feel:

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