Calling All Educators!

Whether you’re new to the classroom or have been teaching for years, no one could have anticipated the new realities of school. Here at YR Media, our students are your students. Through their stories, we glimpse the toll pandemic-era learning takes on them and their resilience. Use the Teachable Moments curriculum toolbox and youth voices story series to incorporate youth voice, well-being and multi-modal media making into your teaching.

If you are looking to meet your students’ social and emotional needs in new ways, or hoping to build community in the classroom as you navigate the new school year, in person, virtually or in a hybrid model, these curriculum tools and youth stories will support you in navigating the new year.

The Teachable Moments series includes:

  1. A curriculum toolbox, with curriculum tools that integrate social and emotional well-being and youth media making. Download the toolbox
  2. A youth voices story series, which teachers can use as a resource for discussion-based learning, exemplars for students that are interested in youth journalism and/or to build curriculum tools that are tailored to their classroom needs.

Explore our curriculum tools focused on multi-modal media making with students that centers students well-being and builds community in the classroom and YR Media youth contributor articles focused on student well-being and schooling today! Use the youth media to:

  • Integrate youth voices into your teaching pedagogy and practices 
  • Inspire discussion based learning in your classroom 
  • Provide exemplars for your students and support them in their own youth media making
  • Develop lesson plans and curricula specific to your teaching needs

Curriculum Tools

Whether your school is in-person, remote or hybrid, use these 
research-backed tools to boost student engagement and well-being.


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Student Voices

Plan your lessons, gather your insights, from the point of view that matters most – THEIRS!