Hype Is The New Dollar

Hype Is The New Dollar (Sharad Kachhi via Unsplash)

In an era of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and paid blue check marks, there is an obvious driving force. The power of hype is strong and there are examples that prove it.

Celebrities have been able to generate tons of money with branding. It’s a phenomenon that is now considered traditional among big names in mass media. The most prominent celebrities include influencers such as Mr. Beast, Logan Paul and KSI.

On food delivery apps like Doordash, there are various restaurants exclusive to those platforms. An exclusive restaurant on the app that many people enjoy is “MrBeast Burger.” The “burger joint” amassed over $100 million in revenue last summer.


Mr. Beast is a popular YouTube personality who is well known for his fun and philanthropic videos in which he is seen alongside his friends giving away things like free cars, electronics and houses (you read that correctly). The most recent subscriber count on his YouTube page reads 132 million subscribers.

Because of Mr. Beast’s brand and marketing tactics, he has been able to set up a successful restaurant chain without even having prior culinary business experience. It’s fair to say that Mr. Beast would not be able to pull off such a feat without his status as a Youtuber.

In the sports drink realm, there are few major players, the most notable beverage being Gatorade. That was always the case until very recently, when Prime Hydration entered the scene.

Prime Hydration is an enhanced water beverage spearheaded by Logan Paul and KSI.

Logan Paul is well-known for his days on Vine, an app that has been defunct longer than it was ever active. More recently, Paul made a name for himself as a boxer. His most viewed bout was against world-class boxing icon Floyd Mayweather in 2021. KSI gained popularity on YouTube and also crossed over to the combat sports world. KSI and Logan Paul have both fought each other in the past. The two entrepreneurial figures have come together after being notable rivals to repurpose sports drinks in their vision.

The beverage brand made over $100 million in sales last year, according to Bevnet. The success of Prime can be credited to the celebrity association of Logan Paul and KSI.

It’s clear that if you can make a name for yourself on the internet, you can sell anything. Hype has been able to bring various internet personalities loads of cash in worlds they never knew. Whether that’s philanthropic content creators selling burgers or semi-professional boxers selling their take on electrolyte drinks, one thing is clear: Hype is the new dollar.

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