Youth Radio: Smart Talk Episode 7

Youth Radio: Smart Talk Episode 7


Welcome to the seventh episode of Smart Talk on Youth Radio Raw.

Make sure you tune in every week on Fridays from 6:15 to 7:35 pm!

On this show, you’ll hear the recent news, personal experiences and a diverse selection of music.

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Set 1: DJ David

  • Thundercut- Them Changes
  • The Internet- Roll
  • Steve Lacy- Some
  • Stevie Wonder- Superstition
  • Fugees- Killing Me Softly
  • Tyler the Creator- See You Again
  • Childish Gambino- Me and Your Mama


  • Newscast- Tae S.
  • Newscast- Mai SL
  • PSA- Makai
  • PSA- Alex

Set 2: DJ Michael

  • Childish Gambino- This is America
  • Ty Dolla Sign- Wavy
  • Nav- Myself
  • Nipsy Hasle- All My Life
  • I Can’t Believe It- T Pain
  • Honey- Kehlani
  • J Cole- Forbidden Fruit


  • Review- Ariel
  • Commentary- Kiara
  • PSA- Adrianna


Set 3: DJ Kiara

  • Vicki Yobe- Because of Who You Are
  • DD Weapon- Fred Hammond
  • Kirk Franklin- Something About the Name Jesus
  • William Murphy- Prouse Is What I Do


  • Roundtable- Lucy

Set 4: DJ Genny Gen

  • J-Cole- Work Out
  • R.I.C.O.- Drake
  • Famous Dex- Japan


  • Kelly