Call Of Duty Ghosts


Call of Duty: GhostsBy Delaney T.

My experience of Call Of Duty Ghosts was amazing. Call of Duty Ghosts is a new Call of Duty game for the franchise. The graphics of the games was very detailed and realistic. The looks and mechanics of the game is very different than any other Call of Duty games because of the things they added to the game, like sliding, a new style of mantling and new variety of weapons. Also in Call of Duty Ghosts Infinity Ward the maker of Call of Duty Ghosts and Call of Duty Modern Warfare added new game modes like Squads and Extinction. Squads are like combat training from the recent Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Combat Training is like online play but against Computer Controlled Players to test your skills.

The game mode Extinction is like zombies from Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 but with aliens instead of zombies. In Extinction, the main objective is to destroy alien hives, set the nuke and to get out of there alive. My experience with Extinction was amazing because it was very difficult but fun because you have to fight waves upon waves of aliens. At the same time, you have to survive to get to the nuke and have to run to the helicopter across the map in 4 minutes which is very intense because you have aliens chasing after you shooting acid and charging you left to right. And you have the timer on the top left of your screen counting down. It’s really an intensive game mode to play. Infinity Ward really did awesome with Call of Duty Ghosts and tried a lot of new things. Over the time I played Call of Duty Ghosts, it felt less and less LIKE a Call of Duty game but more like a Battlefield game.

Infinity Ward reached 1 billion sales worldwide on the first day of its release of Call of Duty Ghosts, which is a really impressive number. No one knows if Call of Duty Ghosts beat out Grand Theft Auto 5 yet in actual sales. But Activision will release the title sales in a few days. I recommend Call of Duty Ghosts if you like a mixture of Call of Duty and Battlefield and I recommend if you get the game to play Extinction for the intense game play solo or with your friends. I rate the game an 8/10 because of the intense game play and graphics.

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