Cecil Vs. America’s Social Injustices

Cecil Vs. America’s Social Injustices


Cecil - Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

By: Benjamin

Recently, much of the country’s focus has been directed at the illegal killing of Cecil the lion, a male African lion who lived in the Hwange  National Park in Zimbabwe, and his American killer; a dentist named Walter Palmer.

A white house petition to extradite Walter Palmer has 187,000 signatures. Additionally, a petition to demand justice for Cecil on thepetitionsite.com has reached nearly 1 million signatures.

However, I wonder if it is more important to be concerned with issues closer to home.


1: Which issue or issues do you believe pose the greatest potential challenge to our generation?

2: How do you feel the importance of animal conservation compares to the importance of remedying injustices and disparities closer to home related to economics, race, religion, or gender?

3: Will animal conservation be a cornerstone of your vote in the 2016 presidential election?

4: How do you think our generation can support animal conservation efforts?

5: Do you think our generation is capable of balancing progress on both the human and animal fronts without allowing either to fall behind? Why?

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