By Jade

Sometimes we as human beings lose ourselves in our emotions. We tend to let our emotions take us over and we forget who we are. Some people but not all use dance as a technique to help them find themselves again. They feel brand new. As a young teenager I face everyday challenges such as learning how to deal with my emotions. About three Sundays ago I started to miss my younger sibling a lot more. I began to feel like the problem was taking over me completely I was very emotional and sad. The next day I had a performance and as soon as it was over I went from low to high. I went from being tired and wanting to be left alone to just wanting to move I was feeling lighter, infinite and stronger.

I began to start telling story’s while I danced. I hope that the people in the audience would watch and understand. Dancing is a technique that helps you renew yourself and find yourself again. A lot of times people feel depressed, sad, angry, frustrated and a lot more. Even though some people may say that dancing does not help renew yourself, you never know till you try. During a rough time in my cousins life she was really depressed we talked about dancing and how it helps you express yourself. So one day together we went to a dance class and it was really fun so we decided to go back and over time she was feeling less depressed because she was being able to express how she felt through dance. From this dancer’s point of view dancing is a form of art that allows you to use all your energy and express how you’ve been feeling. Dancing is a form of therapy. While I dance I tell a story without words. I express my emotions and my thoughts through praise dancing.



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