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Music Is My Life

Music Is My Life


Biggie SmallsMusic keeps me up,

When I’m feeling blue.

When things sometimes aren’t right,

I tune in to what I like.

It helps me find myself,

We can go from hodgy beats to drums,

From jazz to soul,

From hip-hop to rap,

From Biggie to Pac.

Its how I feel

It’s what I like.

It keeps me open minded,

When my ideas are nothing.

I usually stay to myself,

Cause people don’t understand me.

But when people didn’t understand me,

Music did.

Music was always there to rely on.

And if I don’t listen to it for a day,

I feel dead.

It’s such a sad thing,

Seems like it’s a drug,

That us human beings need.

Some can go with or without it,

But the people who need it,

Fein it like crazy,

Now that’s crazy.

Just things I’ve been thinking about lately,

Because music is life right?


Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community
Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community