REDEFINED: Growing Up and Changing

REDEFINED: Growing Up and Changing

This is a part of Lit Mag: The REDEFINED issue.

I am a freshman in high school and I have noticed that a lot of people have been talking about different they have become over time. I sat down and interviewed a couple of my friends to see what they think.

Taylor Daniels: Can you explain how you were when you were younger and how that is different from how you are now?

Jonathan Sanchez: I was a really childish kid but I’m not now I mean I matured in some type of ways and when I was smaller as well, I cried for everything I was needy and right now I’m not like that.

Emillio Zeiguna: I was really annoying and not social at all and I was bullied and stuff and like I was really weird but I’ve matured over all these years and now I have really good friends and I’m really outgoing and social and I’m getting better at being mature.

TD: Why did you change those things?

JS: I change those things about myself because those things were holding me back me being all needy and stuff people didn’t wanna hang out with people started bullying me I cried for  everything when people told me no id cry I expected people to do things for me and I got let down  and that stuff it really got to me so I wanted to change  that.

EZ:  I changed those things cause I wanted to be liked by other people and I want people to feel cared about because a lot of people don’t feel cared about and I just wanted them to know that I’m there and I’m not judgemental or anything.

TD: Do you think teenagers are changing because they are trying to figure out what kind of person they want to be? If so why?

JS: I wouldn’t say for all teenagers but I would say for most, everybody is different in their own way really. People change out of their experiences with other people or with themselves.

EZ: People don’t know themselves until they do something that they love and that brings them joy and they find the people that care about them the most around them.

TD: Do you think that is necessary that we change who we are to become our future selves?

JS: No I don’t think it’s really necessary to change yourself in order to see your future self because what you change about yourself that’s your future self and what you want to be that’s who you are going to be if you are determined enough to do that.

EZ: Yes because if you just stayed your immature and sort of kiddy self then I feel like people wouldn’t respect you as an adult. I think people should change but not too much that they are not themselves.

I personally feel that I have changed a lot ever since I was little. I used to be this always silly, not serious, class clown, lousy little girl, but now I have matured and thought more about life and how I should be around certain people. I changed because I felt that if I was still that same person I would not do good in school or that my family would be ashamed of my behavior.

I am Taylor Daniels. I want to be a doctor. I want to be that because it seems very amusing to me and I think that it is a very helpful and well-paying job. What I am doing about it is making sure I stay focused in school, participating in extracurricular activities that good colleges will look into, and be getting jobs at an early age so I can get a head start on good working skills.


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