Teens Talk: Are Dress Codes Unfair?


Dress code is something that affects students all across the nation. How are students affected by these restrictions?

Dress codes can limit kids expression and views. Kids are especially affected when there are rules limiting their hairstyles and even certain colors they are allowed to wear. Dress codes can also put a financial burden on families, which can cause problems especially when supplies and books are also needed to be purchased. But, dress codes can also increase a sense of belonging within students and encourage discipline. I think that dress code is important to talk about because I feel that it is important for an individual to express themselves through their fashion choices.

I believe that dress codes need to be made equal.

Many schools have dress codes that  say “no skirts or shorts above the knee” or don’t allow bra straps to be exposed, but let boys sag and blatantly show their butts. A majority of schools say that these rules are put in place so guys “don’t get distracted” when in reality a bra strap isn’t going to keep them from doing their best. Many times I have seen boys wear shirts with inappropriate things on them and not be called out, but as soon as a part of a woman’s midriff is exposed they automatically get dress coded. Dress codes should be re-written so they are more inclusive of all fashion choices. 16750425726_8f84f5d16c_z-1


Do you believe dress codes are necessary and why or why not?

Who do you feel is the most affected by the dress code?

Do you think boys are affected by the dress code and why or why not?

Do you feel that dress code has changed your style and how?

How has dress code personally affected you?


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