‘The Race’ Amazes The Watchers


Jesse OwensBy Nebiat

The movie ‘The Race’ is about the olympic track star Jesse Owens, played by Stephan James. The movie starts off in his earlier life before he went to college. It shows his dedication and willingness to achieve his goals.

The movie is very inspirational and thought provoking.  It’s shows you what African Americans had to go through to compete in life.  The challenge of standing up to the belief that people of color and non-aryans are inferior.  Jesse Owens goes on a quest to show that all men are equal and stand the same in the face of God.  There was a lot of protests against the games taking place in Nazi-occupied Germany, the Nazis refused to let anyone who wasn’t white compeat but with the United States threatening to pull out they made an agreement to let African Americans compete.

When watching ‘The Race’ you get a sense of the treatment of people with a different race, gender, and religion.  The movie is very informing of the struggles that these people experienced.  Even after winning the games Jesse Owens was still treated as a less,  he had to use Black-only doors and seating areas, proving that even the gold medals he brought back weren’t good enough to change the white perspective of people of color.  But the movie doesn’t show the beginning of his life, his early years as a young black man.  It also does not go on to show you what happened after his Olympic games.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves track and wants to know the struggles that African Americans went through to get to where they are now.


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