What Significance does the Black Panther Party have?


By Malyka

The black panther party was a revolutionary socialist organization. They were vigilantes. Armed citizens who monitored the behavior of authority and challenged police brutality. The Black Panther’s were founded in 1966 by Huey P. Newton.

His message taught that history would only repeat itself. If we don’t teach the communities, African American people will continue to be oppressed. Not only African American people but all people of color. The Black Panther’s declared war on oppressive authority.

They believed that to get authority’s attention then you need a revolution. A blood shed revolution. Meaning we need to fight and take back what was stolen from us. A complete opposite of the Civil Rights Movement, which was more of a peaceful and non-violent approach lead by Martin Luther King Jr.

The Black Panther’s were more than rebels. They were providers. They created a free breakfast for children program and a community health clinic.

As young people it’s important to know the past if we want to create a better future.

Emory Douglas

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