10 Tracks That Slap

10 Tracks That Slap

The star of this week's "10 Tracks That Slap" is Oakland's Guapdad 4000. Listen to that and more from Caleborate, Kiana Ledé, Jenevieve and Oakland's ALLBLACK, just to name a few.

NAV & Gunna ft. Travis Scott - Turks 

I’ve been sleeping on the Nav wave, but I’m not mad at this. It also might just be the fact that Gunna and Travis are on the song. Someone drop this in the Zoom party and watch everyone awkwardly dance in good lighting. 

Drake - Toosie Slide

Drake’s evil genius reemerges with his latest single, "Toosie slide." Knowing that virality and the Billboard charts work hand in hand, the Torontonian worked with famous TikTok dancer Toosie to create a dance for the record. The music video is also just a short MTV Cribs episode

Guapdad 4000 - Peanut Butter Pootie Tang 

Guapdad 4000 is shooting 4 for 4 with the latest from his "Falcon Friday" series, "Peanut Butter Pootie Tang." The latest 4000 cut is chock full of pop culture references from Pokemon to Proud Family. 

Valee - Jaywalking 

Valee is no stranger to dropping extremely terse songs and "Jaywalking" is no different. I just hope a new Valee project is on the horizon. 

645AR - Yoga

Someone tell Columbia Records it would be super helpful if 645AR songs dropped with a sing-a-long type music video. 

Caleborate - Pull Up

I'm a fan of this new lane Caleborate is taking. The Bay Area rapper has actively dropped sing-rap dominated tracks with his last couple releases.

Kiana Ledé ft. Ari Lennox - Chocolate.

Kiana Ledé dropped her debut album "KIKI" last week and the Ari Lennox joint is probably my favorite song so far, but that will probably change in a week. Catch me doing body rolls to this in the mirror. 

Jenevieve - Baby Powder 

We featured Jenevieve's first single "Medallion" some weeks ago. The Miami singer gives us a groovy R&B record with buttery vocals that melt in your headphones. 

ALLBLACK - The Goal Line 

Name a better combo than ALLBLACK and DTB production. "The Goal Line" marks the first release from the Oakland native this year. If this is any indication as to what we're getting from BLACK this year, we're all in for a treat. 

Frank Ocean - Cayendo

If you missed out on the vinyl Frank Ocean dropped late last year, don't fret, he just released an acoustic version of two of the original releases. Frank flexes by singing "Cayendo" in Spanish and English. We love a bi-lingual song over here. Listen to “Dear April” if you want more acoustic Frank Ocean. 

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