5 Detroit Rappers You Should Know

5 Detroit Rappers You Should Know


Detroit is the birthplace of some of our most notorious artists. Legends like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and so many more all got their start in the city of Detroit, the home of Motown Records. There’s no doubt Detroit births stars — especially soul and pop icons. And in recent years, some incredibly talented rap acts have come out of the city that may have fallen under your radar. In my opinion, the Detroit rap scene of the present day is slept on across the nation. Detroit rap is filled with some of the most talented artists in the country … talent that deserves more credit. Here are five Detroit rappers holding their city down with straight gas:

Baby Money – I’m Coming

You know how certain songs just make you wanna go get money? This is definitely one of those songs. Detroit native Baby Money’s clever wordplay paired with an 808-boosted beat is exactly what the world needs to hear to get motivated! In Baby Money’s iconic track “I’m Coming,” he talks VV’s, ballin’ on haters and running to bags … everything you need and want to hear to get you in a money makin’/money motivated mood.

Nuk – Experiments

Straight out of 7 Mile, Detroit rapper Nuk is making noise! His notorious track “Experiments” features a slappin’ Detroit-type beat that’ll make any whip shake while you mob down the highway, paired with catchy bars and hood etiquette that’ll have you T’d up. For example, one of my favorite lines “keep it street with me I keep it street with you…” GAS.

Damedot – Fuxk Friday

Caution: this unique Detroit-type beat might blow out your speakers. There’s no doubt Damedot is one of Detroit’s top rappers, and there’s no mistaking that when you hear the famous “are you in the mafia” tag, you’re in for a geeked-up ride! From start to end, Damedot hits the ground sprinting with bars about daily checks and the usual flexing. His throwback, but still way relevant, track entitled “Fuxk Friday” will have you excited whether you’re getting to the money or leaving from the bank. Damedot’s notable quote “F**k Friday every day I get a paycheck” explains the track’s title all while featuring a bass-boosted beat that takes you from 1 to 10 in seconds! With his wordplay unmatched, he shows us why he’s one of the most creative rappers out of Detroit.

Ace Cino – Ron Ron On Da Beat

Just. Gas. The. Whole. Beat! The track starts with the famous RGS “Are you in the mafia?” tag. Detroit and RGS rapper Ace Cino pairs up with producer Ron Ron On Da Beat in the song “Ron Ron On Da Beat.” Cinos fast flow and constant bars matched with the hittin’ beat will make anyone want to “gig” down the highway.

Skilla Baby – Billy Goat

An oldie but a goodie! Skilla Baby’s “Billy Goat” features creative bars with flip-flopping vocal octaves which makes the entire song. His unique style paired with one-of-a-kind bars will make you wanna replay the short song over and over, and then some. Without a doubt, the young artist is making noise in the Detroit rap scene.