5 Things You Missed in Music Business News

5 Things You Missed in Music Business News


Things are constantly changing in the music industry and it’s important to stay on top of trends and news updates, especially as an independent artist. We’ve got you covered with a weekly recap of the top stories you need to know.

Music Credit Database Jaxsta Launches Jaxsta Pro

Jaxsta, a free online music credit database website, has just launched a beta version of its new product called Jaxsta Pro. Jaxsta is striving to become the leading source for music accreditation information with a current database containing over 100 million music credits. Although Jaxsta.com is a free online service, Jaxsta Pro is a paid service that costs $150 annually or $15 monthly. The pro version offers the following: Profile Management (artists, managers, producers), Global Music Charts and alerts, events calendar and more.

Omarion Announces Millenium Tour Without B2K In Lineup

Last week Omarion announced the 2020 Millenium Tour, as well as the lineup. The tour will feature the following artists: Ying Yang Twins, Lloyd, Sammie, Pretty Ricky and Soulja Boy. Yes, we know what you’re thinking…WHERE’S B2K?? The rest of the B2K members will not be joining Omarion on tour this year. Let’s see how this plays out…

Lil Pump Is Looking For New Artists To Sign!

Are you a new upcoming artist? If so, rapper Lil Pump is looking to sign new talent! He went public with the news via an Instagram video where he said the following: “I’m looking for new artists to sign. So, if you wanna get signed right now by Lil Pump, you feel me, come join the team.” He also said to tag new artists or yourself in the comments section. Rep the set, go tag yourself!

DaBaby Signs Publishing Deal With Universal Music

According to reports, DaBaby has just inked a new deal with none other than Universal Music Publishing Group. UMPG will now take care of all of DaBaby’s publishing for his music worldwide. The UMPG chairman and CEO had the following to say about the new deal: “With support from myself, our A&R team and Interscope Records, UMPG’s Ari Gelaw [UMPG A&R manager] developed a close relationship with DaBaby and South Coast Music Group to build this exciting partnership. We are looking forward to many great years of success with DaBaby.”

Tidal Ventures Into Video Curation Playlists With The Launch Of ‘My Video Mix’

Tidal just launched their new personalized video playlists titled “My Video Mix.” The streaming service will curate videos based on users’ video views as well as music streaming habits. “From original content to full-length movies and stunning visuals from artists in its unparalleled video catalog, Tidal provides its members with a well-rounded music experience,” said Tidal’s COO, Lior Tibon. Try out the new update for yourself, “My Video Mix” is now offered on Tidal’s app and site!