‘black-ish’ Recap: Remembering Your Roots and Volunteerism

‘black-ish’ Recap: Remembering Your Roots and Volunteerism

Photo: ABC

Andre (Anthony Anderson) and Rainbow Johnson (Tracee Ellis Ross) are all about teaching their children a lesson in ABC’s “black-ish.” In Wednesday’s winter finale, the family took a trip to Compton for a bit of learning. 

Andre was born and raised in Compton and he takes pride in his hometown. He calls it “a tough place, but it’s also an incubator for some of the most influential music, sports and art in the entire world.” 

But when Junior (Marcus Scribner) tells his father that he’s turned into a “valley dad,” Andre realizes he may be out of touch with his roots. 

“I’m everything Compton,” Andre said. “Don’t make me have to make you witness the strength of street knowledge.” 

While Andre proves his Compton roots to the family, Rainbow takes Jack (Miles Brown) and Diane (Marsai Martin) to volunteer at a shelter in the same city. 

In the twin’s initial efforts to give back during the holiday season, Jack posts to social media stating, “I see you,” to those who are homeless, and Diane sells her clothes which makes for more room in her closet. But when Rainbow realizes the twins don’t know the true meaning behind giving back, she teaches them.

“I’m trying to teach them the joy of volunteering comes from giving up one’s self to others,” Rainbow said. 

When the Johnsons return from Compton, time fast forwards and the family is celebrating Christmas. Aunt Denise (Christina Anthony) from the spin-off show “Mixed-ish” shows up at their front door in the final moments of the show. 

“You didn’t think I was gonna miss another Christmas, did you?”she said.