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Love ISH


Actor Percelle Ascott (Netflix’s The Innocents) dishes out a South London slang lesson and calls out one of the co-host’s fake British friends (4:13). Comedian Joel Kim Booster (Comedy Central, Conan) spills the secrets to his 17 dating app traps (16:05). Then the hosts Merk Nguyen and Nyge Turner chit-chat on whether ghosting (or sugarcoating) is ever justified… especially if Merk’s toe jam is involved (30:34).

Momma I Made It: Percelle Ascott

“I’ve got like this kind of Pharrell gene now. ”
(Courtesy of Percelle Ascott)

The Innocents is a new Netflix show about two teen lovers (Harry and June) who decide to run away from their repressive families. But their journey of self-discovery swerves to a new level of cray when they discover that June has the ability to shape-shift (spoiler alert: so does her mom). Harry is played by 25-year-old Zimbabwean actor Percelle Ascott who speaks to Nyge and Merk.

#GOALS: Joel Kim Booster

“Honestly, it depends on how hot they are and how horny I am.”
(Courtesy of Joel Kim Booster)

Dating in the 21st century = finessing details that used to be irrelevant. Like finding the right pic, what to include in your bio, and whether to swipe right or left. Luckily comedian Joel Kim Booster (ConanComedy Central) hasn’t been murdered yet from being on 17 different dating apps… so who’s better to steer Merk and Nyge toward the ultimate #datingappgoals? 

Agree to Disagree: Ghosting or Nah?

“Drake once said, ‘You know a wise man once said nothing at all.’”

In our Nobel Peace Prize winning “Agree to Disagree” segment, Merk and Nyge wonder what’s the best way to tell someone you’re not into them. Nyge says making it sweet (by sugarcoating), or in other cases, the good ol’ fashioned ghost. Merk argues why that’s whack, how toe jam is a form of flattery, and gets in her feels. Long story short, they Agree To Disagree.

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