Adult ISH Podcast

Adult ISH Podcast


Adult ISH is a first-of-its-kind culture and advice podcast produced entirely by folks who are almost adults.

AdultISH Ep. 1

1: Love ISH

Actor Percelle Ascott (Netflixโ€™s “The Innocents”) dishes out a South London slang lessons. Comedian Joel Kim Booster (Comedy Central) rigs 17 dating app traps. Co-hosts Merk and Nyge wonder whether ghosting is ever justified?

AdultISH Ep. 2

2: Her ISH

Muslim-American Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad yacks evil smoked salmon and wins. Actress Sydney Sweeney (“The Handmaidโ€™s Tale”) gives advice to her dead character. Then a 17-year-old reporter talks about pap smears vs. pelvic exams.

AdultISH Ep. 3

3: Life ISH

Actor Will Catlett (“Love Is ____”) spills the deets on how he fell in love in one night like his character Yasir. Dancer Marlee Grace shares the power of two imaginary people in her head. Then should you watch Netflix with subtitles or nah?

AdultISH Ep. 4

4: Pro ISH

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs talks Tupac. Comedian Taylor Tomlinson tells church-approved Titatic jokes. Indie-rock star Snail Mail recants her hate for Crunchwrap Supremes.

AdultISH Ep. 5

5: Race ISH

Actor Marcus Scribner (Junior from “Black-ish”) dances with questions about interracial dating. Comedian Ronny Chieng (“The Daily Show”) talks sh*t about sh*t talking Asians. Slam Poet Royalty Ashlee Haze shares an exclusive piece.

AdultISH Ep. 6

6: Nerd ISH

“Rick and Morty” composer Ryan Elder spills the backstories behind โ€œGet Schwifty.โ€ YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY) did not make her mason jar chandelier. “Bumblebee” Actor Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is not a DC fan.

AdultISH Ep. 7

7: Self ISH

Demetrius Harmon (Vineโ€™s MeechOnMars) talks why POC struggle to talk about depression. Comedian Lane Moore tackles Celine Dion inspired #allbymyself goals. Barbershop dad Sonari Glinton crushes Nygeโ€™s Jeep Wrangler dreams.

AdultISH Ep. 8

8: Future ISH

Harvard Lawโ€™s first deaf-blind graduate Haben Girma gets that chocolate cake. Finance โ€œFatherโ€ Sonari Glinton does not convince Nyge to open a Roth IRA and Mr. Not Elon Musk gets controversial with electric car voting rights.

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