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OWN’s Love Is ___ actor Will Catlett gives the deets on how he fell in love in one night like his character Yasir, plus, what dating was like back in the day (3:05). Quick answer? More class and less @$$. Adult ISH co-hosts Merk Nguyen and Nyge Turner then chop it up on whether you should watch Netflix (or Hulu) with subtitles or nah (15:07). Writer and dancer Marlee Grace shares the power of two imaginary people inside her head (24:00). 

Momma I Made It: Will Catlett

“You didn’t have to have six-pack abs in the ‘90s. You was just you.”
(Courtesy of Will Catlett)

What does Will Catlett have in common with his ’90s character Yasir from Oprah Winfrey Network’s Love Is __? They fell in love at first sight and in one night. In this interview with Merk and Nyge, Will talks about the portrayal of positive black love on TV and what dating was like back in the day. Let’s just say there was more class and less @$$.

Agree to Disagree: Netflix Subtitles or Nah?

Proof that Nyge has watched Netflix with subtitles

Fun Adult ISH fact: Merk and Nyge have only met twice in real life and this “Agree to Disagree” segment was recorded on the first day of meeting each other. Nyge says subtitles ruin the watching experience. Merk believes subtitles are your best friend, especially when watching scary movies alone… on the toilet.

#GOALS: Writer/Dancer Marlee Grace

“I have two voices: Gloria’s a powerful businesswoman. Roger is an asshole.”
(Courtesy of Marlee Grace)

Marlee Grace is the author of the book “How To Not Always Be Working” and is known for her self-help practice dancing/improv videos on her Instagram. She gives Nyge and Merk advice on how to chill out and talk to the two people all of us have living inside our heads.   

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