Comedian Taylor Tomlinson tells church-approved Titanic jokes and shuts down grandma at the dinner table (2:04). Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs talks to Nyge Turner about Tupac and his MLK-inspired basic income program (15:45). Indie-rock star Snail Mail recants her hate for Crunchwrap Supremes (30:07). Also, Merk Nguyen does not do acid. Just air.

#GOALS: Comedian Taylor Tomlinson

“Are you happy? Do you need me to get your pills? Do you still love grandpa?”
(Courtesy of Taylor Tomlinson)

Merk and Nyge sit down with comedian Taylor Tomlinson for a conversation about how she got into comedy at a young age, and what it’s like to have made it on a Netflix thumbnail.

Momma I Made It: Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs

“We were bankrupt six years ago and we are now the second-most fiscally healthy city in the state.” (Courtesy of YR Media)

President Tubbs? You heard it here first! But for now, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs is one of the youngest mayors of a city with a population of more than 100,000 (although it’s more like ~310,000). He was elected in 2016 at the age of 26. Nyge drives to Stockton, California to chat up the mayor about success, Tupac, and his city’s basic income program.

Special: Indie-Rock Musician Snail Mail

“My ideal party would be at a bar that is cheap and trashy. Late-night tacos.  Free drinks.”
(Courtesy of Snail Mail)

Rolling Stone and NPR have raved about indie-rock breakout artist Snail Mail (Lindsey Jordan). Her latest album Lush is being called one of the best albums of 2018. But apparently, Lindsey hates Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supremes and knows a thing or three about partying at “cool” bars, despite being 19.

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