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DIY-obsessed YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY) did NOT make her mason jar chandelier (4:00). Bumblebee actor Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is a Mr. Miyagi and Marvel fan. #sorrynotsorry, DC! (16:23) Rick and Morty composer Ryan Elder spills the backstories behind fan favorites like “Get Schwifty” and “African Dream Pop” (28:28).


“I was 10 and made this entire Bikini Bottom city. I’m so sad my parents didn’t keep it.”
(Courtesy of LaurDIY)

Merk has a naked room that needs serious decorating and Nyge is hungry for a blue check on Twitter. So, who the heck is going to help the two reach their social media and decor goals? None other than do-it-yourself YouTuber LaurDIY (a.k.a. Lauren Riihimaki)! 

Momma I Made It: Jorge Lendeborg Jr.

“Iron Man had a drinking problem. I’m like 12 saying, “Why is this guy so sad?” 
(Courtesy of Jorge Lendeborg Jr.)

Nyge calls for backup in a mini ‘Agree To Disagree’ where Merk argues DC dominates over Marvel. Who comes in and saves his day? Actor Jorge Lendeborg Jr. (Bumblebee, Alita: Battle Angel) who’s been glowin’ up on the big screen — and pulls a Mr. Miyagi on his younger self.

Rick and Morty Music Wiz Ryan Elder

“So… if he’s doing a lot of burps, he’s drinking a lot of light beer.”
(Courtesy of Adult Swim)

Music producer of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, Ryan Elder, gives Merk and Nyge the backstories behind the psychedelic tracks heard throughout the show, including fan favorites like “Get Schwifty” and “The Rick Dance”! Oh yeah, did we mention he’s the pioneer of African dream pop?

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