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Gunna Is Re-Born on His New Album ‘WUNNA’

Gunna Is Re-Born on His New Album ‘WUNNA’


It seems as though Georgia only breeds stars the way superstars emerge from the state every few years. Gunna has been one of Georgia’s most exciting exports in the past few years. The College Park native embodies a strong sense of flair in his raps and fashion sense alike. 

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Last Friday, Gunna released his second album, “WUNNA,” a follow-up to his debut “Drip or Drown 2” from 2019. WUNNA is Gunna’s alter ego, and although it doesn’t reveal anything new about Gunna himself, it seems to represent his newfound wealth and success as a rapper. It’s also an acronym for Wealthy, Unapologetic, Ni**a, Naturally, Authentic, which Gunna does prove himself to be on “WUNNA.” The project is mostly produced by Wheezy but also features production from Mike WiLL Made-It and Tay Keith. The comprehensive album has 18 tracks with features from the likes of Roddy Ricch, Young Thug and more. 


Gunna starts “WUNNA” off with a smooth track featuring a hypnotic guitar loop and chill, melodic raps. Gunna flexes his foreign cars, women and designer clothes letting us know what this album’s all about. 

BLINDFOLD ft. Lil Baby

Gunna and Lil Baby are an unstoppable force, proven by their stellar collab album “Drip Harder.” They previously collaborated on hits such as “Heatin’ Up” and “Drip Too Hard,” so it’s no surprise they’ve made another banger with “BLINDFOLD.” 

DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD ft. Young Thug

Fans have long awaited the full version of “DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD” since Young Thug played a snippet of this song on Instagram Live about a year ago. This isn’t Gunna and Thug’s first collaboration and the pair even collaborated on another track on the album called “FAR.” Gunna maintains his melodic style of rap, while Thug switches it up, his verse sounding less slurred than usual. 


On “NASTYGIRL/ON CAMERA,” Gunna details his lustful relationships with girls, rapping “And she like it nasty, so I call her freak-a-leek.” The track is two songs in one which makes it stand out on the album. The first half of the song is more upbeat, while the second half is more slowed down with a voice message saying “The line has been disconnected” serves as a transition between the songs. 


Gunna starts the track off with a fast-paced flow, and Roddy Ricch perfectly matches that with his melodic bars. Gunna continues the trend of using guitar-based production on this track, strengthening the melodies that he and Roddy Ricch bring.

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