How To: Make a Music Hyperlink

How To: Make a Music Hyperlink

Oakland, CANeed help marketing your music as an independent artist? Hop on the new wave! Making a Linktree or Hyperlink for your new release is an easy and smart tool to get your followers to directly stream your music. A hyperlink, in this case, refers to a link someone can click on to pull up direct links to all the various places to stream your music. Allowing your followers quick and easy access to your music is an effortless way to build engagement and present a professional rollout strategy. This easy step-by-step process for creating a hyperlink offers plenty of benefits with no strings attached; not to mention it’s free!

Step 1: Go to and Sign Up

(FYI - there are multiple sites that create hyperlinks however ToneDen is free and fast!)

-Create an account by inputting basic info (it’s fast and easy - don’t be lazy bruh)

-Add your artist name

-Add your social media accounts (optional)

Step 2: Choose the “Music Link” Option

-They offer a few different types of links to use depending on what you're trying to promote (either music, an event, tour, podcast, etc.). In this case, choose the “Music” option.

Step 3: Input a “Source”

-In the case of “Source,” they are referring to the streaming link for whatever you want to promote (i.e., your single, EP, album, mixtape, etc.). This can be in the form of a SoundCloud link, Spotify link, or whatever link you have of the project you plan to promote.

-Press the “Create Link” button

-ToneDen will take the link you give them and use it to generate links to all the other platforms your music is available on. They will take all of these links to compile into the single hyperlink.

Step 4: Choose Which Platforms You Want Displayed on Your Landing Page

-ToneDen gives you options to choose from, however, keep in mind you can only choose up to six to display on the landing page of your link. I recommend choosing the most utilized platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud and Youtube. 

-If your project link doesn’t automatically generate on one of the platforms you want to be displayed, you will have to manually search and copy that link.

-Click “Continue”

Step 5: Customize Your Landing Page

-This is where you can customize what fans see when they click on your hyperlink

-Fill in the "Title" field by entering the name of your project

-In the "Description" field enter your artist name and whatever else you want to be included here

-Pick your "Landing Page Image." I recommend using the cover art for your project (This will be the main image people see when clicking your hyperlink).

-Pick your "Background Image."  You can use your cover art again (highly suggested) or another picture pertaining to your project for aesthetic reasons. However, you do have to upgrade your account for this feature. 

Step 6: Customize Your Preview (Optional)

-ToneDen creates an audio preview of your song which will play on your landing page if you’d like.

-Choose which platform you want your preview to be on (Spotify, Youtube, SoundCloud, or Deezer)

Step 7: Metadata (Optional)

-This step is to customize how your project link will display on social media posts. ToneDen already completes this for you so you don’t need to do anything, however, if you want to change it that's all you, Bro.

Step 8: Edit Your Link (Optional)

-The hyperlink they create for you is already hella short (for example, so you're welcome to leave it like that or create a custom link (for example

Step 9: Create Link!

-Click “Create Fan Link” and the hyperlink is ready to be shared with the world!

-You can copy and paste the link in your IG and Twitter bio, share with the homies to promote your music for you, or email blast that thang out to your fan base.

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