This Week's Rotation: 070 Shake, Mac Miller, Ovrkast, Theophilus London & Stunna 4 Vegas

This Week's Rotation: 070 Shake, Mac Miller, Ovrkast, Theophilus London & Stunna 4 Vegas


Albums are an experience, they can bring us closer to the people in our lives and we have a brand new list for you this week. This almost-weekly list features some of our favorite music, check out this week’s latest offerings below.

Mac Miller – Circles
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Circles. January 17.

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“Circles,” arrives a little after a year after the tragic passing of Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller. Following his 2018 album “Swimming,” “Circles” works as a continuation of the narrative built into his previous project. Miller’s struggle with addiction and mental illness was engraved into the DNA of his music. Both albums feature an artist grappling with finding himself and his place in the world. Bittersweet with ups and downs, this album is sure to make any fan of Mac’s music emotional.

Songs to check out: Circles, Blue World, Good News

070 Shake – Modus Vivendi

070 Shake’s soaring vocals slice through electronic and futuristic beats with ease and poignancy in her album “Modus Vivendi.” 070 Shake catapulted into the scene with her guest appearances on Kanye West-produced songs during what’s known as the Wyoming Sessions — a time where Kanye produced and released several albums with fellow GOOD music signees. However, with “Modus Vivendi,” 070 gets a chance to share her pain-drenched voice on her first full-length release which is sure to be one for the books.

Songs to check out: Don’t Break the Silence, Morrow, Guilty Conscience

Ovrkast – Try Again

Ovrkast is a celebrated lo-fi producer in his hometown of Oakland, CA. However, his latest effort, “Try Again,” shows others that lo-fi beats aren’t the only thing Ovrkast is serving. The 18-minute EP comes complete with features from MAVI, Demahjiae, Pink Siifu and Navy Blue. The mostly-self-produced project is chock-full of muddy production and introspective lyricism. 

Songs to check out: 2 Minute Bars, Face, Casualty

Theophilus London – Bebey

If you’re wondering where Theophilus London has been since his 2014 album “Vibes,” just know you’re not the only one. For the most part, the genre-bending artist has kept relatively quiet — sparingly releasing singles and guest features. He doesn’t confine himself into one genre, alternating between rapping and singing. He’s made everything from disco to hip-hop. “Bebey” is sure to be a journey through Theophilus London’s colorful mind.

Songs to check out: Leon, Only You, Cuba

Stunna 4 Vegas – Rich Youngin

Hailing from North Carolina, Stunna 4 Vegas brings fast-paced flows and memorable bars. Vegas is just as braggadocious as they come. The North Carolina native raps over heavily distorted 808s on his latest project “RICH YOUNGIN.” If in-your-face raps are your thing, this is definitely a project you want to check out. 

Songs to check out: DO DAT, CHANGE MY LIFE, LOU WILL

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