This Week's Rotation ft. Ant Clemons, ShooterGang Kony & More

This Week's Rotation ft. Ant Clemons, ShooterGang Kony & More


Every week, countless albums drop across all genres of music and now with the coronavirus, we’re probably going to get more music than ever. So sit back relax and listen to some of our favorite new releases with “This Week’s Rotation,” featuring albums from Ant Clemons, ShooterGang Kony, Princess Nokia and more. 

Ant Clemmons – Happy 2 Be Here

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Today I’m super proud to announce my debut project, #happy2behere is now available on all streaming platforms! I moved from Jersey to LA almost three years ago now and I truly can’t thank the Lord enough! For keeping me covered, guarding my heart and mind from things that aren’t him, and for him guiding my steps in every aspect of my life. Through this process I’ve learned to be appreciative, gracious and I don’t take this or any blessing for granted. I was literally working at Red Lobster 4 years ago trying to figure it out, so to be where I am today I can’t be anything but #happy2behere ! This project is a culmination of and in dedication to every relationship made since the move to LA. Mama I Made It – guitar by @loshendrixx strings by @johanlenox 4 Letter Word feat. @timbaland – prod. by @theroommates @timbaland @theangellopez @fedevind Excited feat. @tydollasign – prod. by @houseofvibe @producertjames Aladdin feat. @pharrell – prod. by @stereotypestv Beep – prod. by @somerandomsmusic Good 4 U – prod. by @bongobytheway @tarroncrayton @jackrochon Bestfriend – prod. by @triangleparkmusic @irobotscott @drepinckney co written with @amnija_ Pinky Promise – prod. by @producedbycapi @prodbyneedlz I can’t thank you all enough! From the bottom of my heart I truly appreciate each and every last one of y’all for helping to make my dream a reality! I’ve been broke with some of y’all, met most of y’all in the craziest of circumstances and to say I’m releasing my first project with my family is truly the greatest feeling! I HAVE A PROJECT WITH TY DOLLA $IGN, PHARRELL & TIMBALAND ON IT!!!! GOD IS TOOO GOOD! & a huge thank you to my brother Kanye West for believing in me and changing my life forever! & to my manager and brother @mr.mccurdy You took a risk on me a while ago and we promised to keep it real with each other and push each other everyday to not only be our best versions of us but the versions of us that Christ would be proud of, and brother I couldn’t have asked for a better person to go on this journey with! Thank you for EVERYTHING that you put up with on my side and everything you do daily, you showed me the importance of a team fr fr!

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A frequent Kanye West collaborator, Ant Clemons recently released his debut album “HAPPY 2 BE HERE.” His silky, pure falsetto and crisp lyricism are enough to capture any listener’s attention. Known for his signature red beanie, the project features soulful, smooth jams, and also includes features from Ty Dolla $ign, Timbaland and Pharrell — what’s not to love?

Fav tracks: Aladdin, Best Friend, Good 4 U 

ShooterGang Kony – Red Paint Reverend

Following the release of his standout single, “A Sinner’s Story,” Oak Park rapper ShooterGang Kony dropped his latest album “Red Paint Reverend” on February 26. Kony confronts reality in a unique and passionate way, his intensity is unmatched. His style is aggressive and a reflection of his inner demons. The best moments in the album arrive as Kony shares deeply personal stories. His sense of humor seeps into much of the project’s upbeat songs, contributing a light-hearted beacon amongst much of the harsh reality that surrounds “Red Paint Reverend.”

Fav tracks: A Sinner’s Story, Dearly Departed, Jungle

Princess Nokia – Everything is Beautiful/Everything Sucks

New York-based rapper Princess Nokia recently dropped two new projects, “Everything is Beautiful” and “Everything Sucks.” Nokia shares a diverse range of collective memories and experiences in the double-sided project. “Everything is Beautiful” is a light-hearted project featuring euphoric keys and happy-go-lucky production. “Everything Sucks” is the opposite; it’s bleak, gritty and cruel. The two albums juxtapose each other with a stark contrast that proves Princess Nokia is a force to be reckoned with.

Fav tracks: 

Everything is Beautiful: Green, Eggs, & Ham, Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T) 

Everything Sucks: Woes, Welcome to the Circus, Just A Kid

Lil Baby – My Turn

After a dramatic rise to fame in 2017, Lil Baby has been methodically perfecting his craft. After dropping several mixtapes in 2018, in 2019, the Atlanta native only occasionally dropped a few singles and a feature here and there. However, Lil Baby’s unique vocal style and trap production stand out on his latest project, “My Turn.” The new project features standout appearances from Gunna, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Wayne. At 20 tracks and 60 minutes, the album is lengthy, bold and brash. Lil Baby marries his street consciousness into vivid storytelling, “My Turn” is a project you don’t want to miss.

Fav tracks: Forget That, Grace, Emotionally Scarred

Kool John & Iamsu! – The Pop Up, Vol. 1

Bay Area legends, Kool John and Iamsu! link up for a 22-minute, banger-filled project. Kool John and Su channel their Bay Area roots on “The Pop Up Vol. 1.” The project is full of hyphy, braggadocious, energetic tunes. Get ready to have the thizz face permanently stuck on your dome after playing all nine songs. HBK members Skipper, P-Lo, Jay Ant, Kuya Beats and Show Banga all contribute to the project.  

Fav tracks: In This Party, No Love, When I Walk In

Seji Oda – BLUE

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BLUE tracklist 🖌🖌 02.28.20

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Oakland-native Seji Oda’s hyphy lo-fi has serenaded the local underground music scene for some time now. Oda uses soothing ambient textures and chord progressions, allowing his hollowed-out singing and witty raps to blend with ease. 

Fav tracks: Blue, Tuesday!, Lately // WAIT4U

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