Watch These 6 Movies with Trans Leads

Watch These 6 Movies with Trans Leads


So here’s the deal: we wanted to help people of diverse backgrounds enjoy diverse media. That’s why we created Remix the Movies, where you can find U.S. movies in wide release from Black, Asian and Latinx leads, both men and women.

We also strongly believe that trans people deserve the opportunity to watch movies where they are represented. We include trans lead actors in Remix the Movies without separating them out as something “other” than female or male.

Being trans is not “other.”

That said, if you’re looking specifically for movies with trans leads—we’ve got you covered. You should check out these films not just because they star trans actors but also because they are super dope.

1. Tangerine, 2015

Starring Kitana ‘Kiki’ Rodriguez and Mya Taylor, “Tangerine” is about a sex worker and her BFF trying to track down her pimp, who left her for another woman while she was in jail. It’s a comedy and a Christmas story!

2. Gun Hill Road, 2011

An ex-con returns to the Bronx to find that his family drastically changed during his three years in prison. His wife is distant and his child, played by Harmony Santana, is considering a gender change.

3. A Fantastic Woman, 2017

This Spanish-language film stars Daniela Vega. Marina, a transgender waitress and nightclub singer, grieves after the sudden death of her ex. Her grief is compounded by the realities faced by many transgender people.

4. Saturday Church, 2017

Ulysses, played by Indya Moore, is coping with the death of his father, taking care of his younger brother and fighting to be his true self around his uber-conservative auntie. He finds relief in song and dance and finds an awesome transgender community that definitely changes things.

5. Tchindas, 2015

Tchindasis a Spanish-language documentary about the woman whose very name became synonymous with queer people in this tiny, Cape Verdean town.

6. Boy Meets Girl, 2014

Michelle Hendley plays Ricky, a transgender woman from a small town in Kentucky. She’s just trying to figure out love, which I think we all can agree is fraught with danger.




You might have noticed that this is a pretty short list. On the real, there just aren’t that many mainstream roles for trans actors. (Hence the anger surrounding ScarJo’s casting in Rub and Tug.) Also, we aren’t all-knowing, so if you know and love some other movies with trans leads (especially if they are about or starring transgendered men), point them out by tweeting us @itsyrmedia using #remixthemovies.

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