Can Find the Right Tracks for Your #WorkoutPlaylist? Don’t Worry, We Got You.

Look no further, listen to these amped up tracks from Doja Cat, poutyface and more.

Can Find the Right Tracks for Your #WorkoutPlaylist? Don’t Worry, We Got You. (Ambitious Creative Co. - Rick Barrett via Unsplash)

Downers Grove; IllinoisExercise isn’t just for gym bros and wellness influencers. If you're intimidated by working out because it's been too long, or you may not have any exercise clothes — that's ok. You don’t need fancy equipment or top-of-the-line leggings. All you need is motivation.

Whether you joined a gym for the first time, are training for a marathon or generally want to get into better shape, here are 12 songs you should have queued up for your next workout. 

Don’t forget to stretch!

“Get Into It (Yuh)” by Doja Cat

Fresh off of Coachella and a recent Grammy win, Doja Cat has made it clear that she is not your average pop sensation. Her 2021 album "Planet Her" is full of dynamic songs perfect for workouts of any kind. "Get Into It (Yuh)" offers the best balance of her energetic voice, wild lyrics, and nearly-perfect pacing. 

“good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo

Recent Grammy winner Olivia Rodrigo turned 2021 upside down with last year's song of the summer — ‘good 4 u.' The electric single cemented her as a worldwide pop starlet. Aside from being featured in everything from TikToks to a Super Bowl commercial. This pumped-up, angsty anthem delivers the right amount of aggression to get you through those reps.

“Didn’t Come to Play” by Dope Saint Jude

If there was ever a song for matching your racing heartbeat while simultaneously invigorating you to keep moving, it would be this drum-heavy, ramped-up track from South African rapper Dope Saint Jude. Queue this up when you feel like you need an extra nudge on finishing those crunches and curls.

“pink party” by Isaac Dunbar

If you prefer club music for keeping you active and alert during exercise, look no further than alt-pop star Isaac Dunbar. Combining electro-popproduction and flucuating vocals that will help you stay engaged throughout your hour long work out.

“Give Me All Your Luvin’” by Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj and MIA)

Madonna is no stranger to “get up and groove” songs. While "Luvin" was released 10 years ago, it still offers the familiar charm of Madonna's past dance hits. Nicki Minaj and MIA pop in for their verses towards the end for just the right amount of rap. Between the three of them, you have enough energy to keep moving, you may catch yourself dancing.

“Run Wild” by Thutmose and NoMBe

If cardio is your go-to form of exercise, keep "Run Wild" queued up and ready to go. The tempo is perfect for runners of all speeds, from the routine marathoner to the person who decided to speed up their regular walk around the block. Keep this song on repeat and start your favorite fitness app.

“God Complex (Mojo)” by poutyface

Hitting a lull in your workout? Cool down with poutyface's 2021 single "God Complex (Mojo)." At just 20, she is already making a name for herself, thanks to the songwriting app Voisey. It’ll give you the right boost to go full-throttle into your next circuit. 

“Jump” by Van Halen

No song will get you off your butt and on your feet faster than this Van Halen classic. Upbeat and electrifying from the beginning, "Jump" is the perfect motivator to get you in the “zone.” 

“Want It Here” by Xenia Pax

Xenia Pax packs a punch with her 2020 single "Want It Here." Her voice keeps you on your toes, while the insane beats help zero your focus on the task at hand. This song is perfect for leg day because you can’t sit still when listening to electro-pop.

“The Way I Are (Extended Cut)” by Timbaland, Keri Hilson, D.O.E. and Sebastian

From flip phones to fashion, the 2000s seem to be gunning for a comeback. Come along for a ride with Timbaland’s mega-hit, which packs four different artists into one song. Timbaland's otherworldly production goes a long way when you need a final burst of energy. 

“.intoodeep.” by Dead Poet Society

The final stretch of your workout can often be the worst part. Curb the self-doubts and kick it into high gear as you listen to this rapid-fire rock single from Boston’s Dead Poet Society. You won’t be able to slow down!

“Tokyo Drifting” by Glass Animals and Denzel Curry

You’ve made it to the end of your workout, calling for a cooldown track. Take a walk and stretch everything out while listening to this snappy, slimmed-down take on rap from Glass Animals and Denzel Curry. Fans attending 2022’s Lollapalooza might get a chance to see this performed live with Curry since both are playing the festival this year. 

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