DIY: Delivering the Accuracy


DIY: Delivering the Accuracy


First thing’s first: Woohoo! You just wrote a story! Go out and buy yourself something with sprinkles. Eat it, take a deep breath, and buckle up because….

We’re assuming you’ve already checked for tone, balance, sourcing, and AP Style. You’re ready to deliver the piece to your YR Media editor for the final read. But first …

Why is “final read” fact-checking so important? Imagine: a reader or source calls YR Media to say we got something wrong (uh-oh). You, the writer, are on vacation in the mountains with no reception (yikes). Luckily, you have closely read this DIY and left your editor with everything they need to confirm that what we have published is exactly accurate (whew)!

After you prepare your story for a final-read fact-check, you will send your editor a Google Doc marked up the YR Media way so they can quickly and easily verify everything and hit publish.

NOTE: We Want Primary Sources!

Click through the slides for a detailed breakdown of how we deliver the accuracy at YR Media.


Click on the text above to access an excerpt from a draft prepared for fact-checking. Notice that the writer uses comments and links to direct YR editors to primary sources.

Click on the text above to be taken to a Google Doc checklist. Just download the document to check things off.

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