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Navigating Corona in the Summer

Navigating Corona in the Summer (Photo: Getty Images)

ChicagoWe’ve been asking for warm weather and good vibes since March of last year. I don’t have to say what happened, but we know why summer 2020 wasn’t the move.

Governor J.B. Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot want to open outside and give people the freedom to breathe in that sweet, polluted air. I don’t know about the majority of people, but I’m wearing my mask until the end of the year, at least. I understand people are getting vaccinated, but I don’t know who did and who hasn’t. So, I’ll continue to practice the original guidelines set up by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Look, I get it, that mask is hot! I’m sure there will be plenty of people out and about without their mask on. So, how can you stay safe this summer? Let me give you some ideas.

Hang Out with People You Know

Similar to quarantining with the people that live in your household, even when you’re at the beach chilling stay close to the people you came with. Even if you get sick, you’ll know the majority of the people you hung around. This just makes the process of finding the sick people easier and getting treatment faster. I know you want to mingle and meet new people, but right now the vaccine is still new, and everybody isn’t that trustworthy.

Make Sure the House Party Has Space

I’ve been to a couple of events at my friends and family houses in the past months and the amount of space always matched the number of people. People could walk around outside, hang out in the basement, kitchen, or living room. Personally, I don’t like spaces where I don’t have an inch to myself and COVID has pushed this number up. Being able to spread out, but still mingle is important when planning a house party. And don’t be hesitant to take temperature check at the door and throughout the night.

Continue to Avoid LARGE Functions

Even if you have a banquet hall for a dining room, there shouldn’t be 100 people in one enclosed space at once. A lot of people increase the chances of spreading COVID, so keep the number of people down and have fun. Like I said before, it depends on the space you have but you know what crowded looks like.

Space Out Your Events

Take a couple of days in between activities. Getting lit every day sounds like the move, especially given the circumstances. We want to let loose and try to ignore out worries for a couple hours. However, one of the reasons we want to let loose is the very reason we can’t. Take some time after an event to listen to your body and see how you feel before going out again.

These tips aren’t super innovative, but they can prove to be effective. The most important things to do this summer is to be free and experience some type of normalcy, but we can’t get back to “normal” if cases continue to rise.

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