Self-Care Across California

Self-Care Across California

Photo: Christina Chomut/The AjA Project

Given the stressful flood of coronavirus information circulating the news right now, we all could use a little self-care. Recently, we collaborated with our partners in the California Youth Media Network to document what self-care looks like for young people in our cities.

Here’s what they captured.


Photo: Denis Perez-Bravo/Richmond Pulse

“Art and education drive self-care in Richmond, California. Our youth use dancing, prayer and other art forms to educate themselves on their cultural roots. The education that comes from art heals past trauma and allows them to rise above.”


Photo: Etta Washburn/YR Media

“Spending time in nature is one of the most important forms of self-care. Being outside in a green space can ease stress and ground an individual. While living in a city can make it hard to find natural spaces, Bay Area residents still find ways to frequent local parks or gardens to de-stress.”


Photo: Maria Torres/The kNOw

“Fresno’s form of self-care is having someone important in your life. It’s important to have friends that you can trust, that you can talk to and that you can cry with. Having close connections is crucial — and stuffed bears are also highly recommended.”


Photo: Christina Chomut/The AjA Project

“The uniqueness of our individual personalities is reflected through the ways we practice self-care. Different, but impactful just the same. Taking care of ourselves better equips us to take care of the community we call home.”


Photo: Steven Rice/We’Ced.

“Being outside my house gives me a sense of serenity, it’s where I feel the most comfortable and collected. The mug and coat symbolize how while the outside world can be cold, there are still things in this that make it feel warm and worthwhile.”

Thanks to our partners in the California Youth Media Network for collaborating on this project: Richmond PulseThe kNOwThe AjA Project and We’Ced. Follow more stories from the California Youth Media Network on Twitter.