Me Myself and ISH

Me Myself and ISH


Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen take a deep breath for once and focus on mental health. Demetrius Harmon (fka MeechOnMars on Vine) opens up about depression and how his mom saved his life. Then therapist Adriana Alejandre (of LatinX Therapy) talks about why it’s important for young people of color to find therapists who get them.

Momma I Made it: Demetrius Harmon

(Courtesy of Demetrius Harmon)

Nyge and Merk get real in their feels about mental health issues with model, actor and poet Demetrius Harmon (who you might’ve seen glowin’ up on Vine back in the day #RIPVine). His candid conversation with the co-hosts goes into how his mom saved his life and why black men don’t talk about depression.

#GOALS: Therapist Adriana Alejandre

(Courtesy of Adriana Alejandre)

Can we get Therapy Tinder, please? Latinx Therapy founder Adriana Alejandre says she’s working on it. In this discussion, Adriana also answers questions like, “Does it make a difference to have a therapist with the same cultural background?” and “How do I get affordable help if I don’t have insurance?” Turns out there are some options!

Listener Special: Who showed up for you?

(Courtesy of YR Media)

Those days where you wanna stay in bed and symp because life is getting you down are real. But hopefully, you had someone there to snap you back into reality (like Hulk did in “Endgame”). The co-hosts reach out to listeners to hear about low points in their lives and the people who showed up for them.

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