Artwork created by Teo Ducot

Co-hosts Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen share heartbreaking histories and intimate moments in a tribute to the most important women in their lives: their mamas. In this episode of Adult ISH, Nyge opens up with a story about becoming the caretaker of his mom who is dealing with severe memory loss. Merk dives deep into the cultural reasons behind why her mom shows lovin’ to her and her big sister in totally different ways.

Theme Music: “Speak To Me” by Stoney

My Ride or Die: Tracy

Baby Nyge working his mama’s boy charm on his mom, Tracy.
(Courtesy of Nyge Turner)

What happens when you become the caretaker to your best friend? Co-host Nyge shares THE most intimate story he has ever told. (This story will also be featured on WNYC’s Snap Judgment.)

Merk Mystery: Does Mother Know Best?

Lil’ Merk, less than 2 years old, and her mommy Kimchi — her real name, no joke!
(Courtesy of Merk Nguyen)

Merk and her mom’s bestie game is strong. But that’s a 180 from the relationship Merk’s big sis, Kristy, has with their mom. So, Merk does some snooping into the distance that keeps them apart. Special thanks to Sam Greenspan for editing assistance.

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