Cuffed ISH

Cuffed ISH

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It’s almost cuffing season! So, Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen seek out lurrrve advice from intimacy expert Shan Boody who puts listeners in the driver’s seat of their dating lives. Merk gets up close and personal with people in NYC about their exes. Then the co-hosts themselves get put into the hot seat when questions from their past (and present) flames are answered on air.

#GOALS: Sexologist Shan Boodram

“I’m eye triangling the sh*t out of this microphone right now.”
(Courtesy of Shan Boodram)

Dating can be extra exhausting and regardless of your relationship status, you might need new ways to spice up your love life. Nyge and Merk do too so they summon up clinical sexologist / “The Game of Desire” author Shan Boodram (on YouTube as Shan BOODY)! Part of her wisdom = seek insight from people who once knew you best: your exes.

Cuffed ISH Q&A

Are Millenials Having Less Sex?

The Ex Files

Would you reach out to your ex to complete an evaluation on what you were like as a romantic partner?

Merk gets up in people’s business and takes to the streets of NYC to ask folks whether or not they still keep in touch with their exes. Surprisingly, a good chunk of them do but not for reasons you’d expect! That leads to her and Nyge deciding to reach out to their own exes for insight on what they’re like as romantic partners. The results are in (and the co-hosts are still hiding in their cringe corners)…

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