Snapshots of Life in California

Snapshots of Life in California

Earlier this year, we had a photo contest with our youth media partners from across California.

Young people from Sacramento to Los Angeles were tasked with giving a snapshot of their communities. Using their cameras, they captured moments in time unique to where they live. Take a look below and let us know your favorite.

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Fresno: The kNOw — Photo by Patrick Antunez

This photo, taken on February 7, 2019 during Fresno's monthly Art Hop, shows Fresno’s diversity and displays our daring attitude to boldly be who we are.

Merced: We'Ced — "Early Morning" by Layla Ornelas 

Taken during a student's morning walk to school, this photo represents embracing the fresh start of a new day and the enjoyment of the sun rising as one's daily routine.

Coachella: Coachella Unincorporated — "La Belleza De Vivir En El Este" by Bryan Mendez

"The photo was taken on a rare rainy day in the Eastern Coachella Valley. I remember a time when rain usually meant a day off for all the capesinos like my parents." - Bryan Mendez

A son of immigrant workers, Bryan Mendez included this image in his photo collection, "La Belleza De Vivir En El Este", to celebrate and uplift the stories of immigrant farmworkers in his community.

Richmond: Richmond Pulse — "Richmond Takes Tri-County Title Over Pinole Valley" by Denis Perez

The 2019 Richmond High School soccer varsity team celebrates their victory over Pinole Valley High School during their 2-0 win at the Tri-County Athletic League (TCAL) Rock Division finals on Feb. 8 at De Anza High School. The Richmond Oilers advanced to play in the Northern California Section tournament. 

Oakland: YR Media — Photo by Seth Marceau

This picture was taken at the FEELS 6 festival in Richmond, California. This was a case of "life imitates art" where I noticed Noah Holt aka DJ Edel wearing shoes matching the color scheme of an art piece at the exhibit. The reflection of the shoes is almost like a painting in itself. In the Bay Area artist community, sometimes artists who have never met can be on a similar wavelength via different mediums, from fashion to painting (and in a case like this, they even bridge the gap to create something new.)

Long Beach: Voicewaves"For the Pursuit of Happiness" by Alvin Engo.

Taken at Cal State Long Beach during a counter-protest against the alt-right group Turning Point USA on October 24, 2018. This represents my community's ability to struggle and fight against those that seek to take our happiness away ... that we will rise up for Long Beach so that we, the people, can be free.

Bakersfield: South Kern SolPhoto by Lizette Chavez

A young girl marches in the 2019 Women's March in Bakersfield holding a sign calling for the release of children at the border.

Boyle Heights: Boyle Heights Beat — Photo by Oscar Vargas

Fanny Ortiz and her family at a Homeless Storytellers event in Boyle Heights on Nov. 8, 2018. 

Sacramento: Access Local TV — “The Masked Man” by Bruce Tran

This photo was taken during a Dias De Los Muertos event in Sacramento’s Oak Park Neighborhood. A man wearing transitional Mexican garments stares into the camera lens, his eyes behind a mask which shields his true identity. The community where this event was held is currently experiencing high levels of gentrification. To many from the outside looking in, things look appealing but within the deeper layers much remains unknown, just like the Masked Man.

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