The Cost of Acing the SAT

by Mila De la Torre
Also Featured on KCBS
Illustration By: Mai Tran

My sophomore year, I took a practice SAT. When I saw my score, it was evident that I needed some help. But I didn’t know how much that help would cost.

Since middle school, my parents have pushed me to do well and get into a good college. I play sports, I’ve racked up a ton of extracurriculars, and I’ve kept a steady four-point-o GPA. All that’s left on my checklist is the SAT.

There are a ton of classes that can help you ace the test. A couple friends told me about one they loved. And their scores reflected their hard work. But when I saw the price tag, my stomach dropped. It was pushing two thousand dollars. My family couldn’t afford that.

Eventually, my grandparents agreed to pay for me to take another class. I felt guilty, but also grateful to them.

But still, I can’t shake the feeling that this system seems so wrong. The SAT is supposed to be a test of your college preparedness, not of how much your family can spend. I feel like I’m paying for my score, and buying my way into college.

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