Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Having trouble deciding what to give or receive this holiday season? Here are some suggestions.

Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide (Eugene Zhyvchik via Unsplash)

The days until Christmas are counting down, and it is time to start planning for your holiday gifts. Whether you are shopping for your loved ones or creating a list of your own to send out, these gift suggestions are guaranteed to make anyone's holiday more bright and special.


AirPods, headphones and earbuds have become popular accessories over the years, making them the perfect gift for music lovers. The limitless selection makes it possible to find a pair that complements anyone's style. 

Beauty Products

For this holiday season, many prestigious brands have released a variety of limited-edition beauty gift sets. Found at Ulta and Sephora, there are a variety of skincare, haircare and makeup collections that include high-value products at a reduced cost.


Who doesn't want that snuggly toasty feeling during the chilly winter season? Stay cozy with warm blankets and throws. If you are feeling a little more luxurious, the brand UGG has both heated and regular blankets available in a variety of comfortable fabrics.

Digital/Film Camera

Capturing special moments and looking back on them in the future is always a pleasure. A digital or film camera would be a much-appreciated gift to anyone who enjoys filmmaking and photography.

Bluetooth Speaker

The ideal gadget for spreading sound across a room, yard, beach or anywhere else a group of people might enjoy jamming out to music together is a Bluetooth speaker. The brands Bose and JBL have a wide selection of speakers with quality sound and other features.

Video Games/Gaming Consoles & Accessories

New gaming consoles, video games and accessories are a treat for gamers. There are numerous video games to choose from as they are available and newly-releasing on Steam (PC), Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox.


Whether you are looking for a sentimental gift or an accessory to spice your outfits with, jewelry may be up your alley. Customizable jewelry is another option if you are in search of something creative and meaningful to suit a particular taste or fashion style.


Page after page, books are gifts that continue to give. Books offer something for every reader’s heart with a variety of illustrations, authors, genres, and plots. Barnes & Noble as well as Urban Outfitters offers a fun selection of books to choose from.


Everyone likes a nice-smelling room, and candles perfectly fit the cozy vibe coming up this winter. Popular places to get them are Bed Bath & Beyond and Etsy.

Artist Poster

A poster from your favorite artist is an easy way to decorate a room for avid music listeners. A lot of artists sell posters on their own websites, but Merchbar and Allposters have wide selections to choose from.

Custom Tote Bag

Tote bags are a closet staple and fit with many different styles. Customizing a tote bag is a great way to add a personal touch to a gift.


Everyone appreciates a basic hoodie for colder months. Uniqlo and Gap offer simple solid-color hoodies in a wide range of colors to match anyone’s style. In the same vein, comfortable sweatpants are also a must for winter. Nike and Tillys are popular options for basic sweatpants.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are hands-down the most foolproof gift you can give. The giftee is ensured to be happy because they choose their own gift! A specific store, restaurant, or even streaming service are great options. You can find physical and electronic gift cards from the actual company, or at places like The Gift Card Shop and Amazon.

Concert Tickets 

Concert tickets are perfect for dedicated music lovers, and an experience is the best type of gift. Scoring tickets to bigger shows is pretty tough nowadays, so keep an eye out for presales. Tickets for shows in smaller venues can be purchased from the box office or website, but Ticketmaster is the most common place to find original and resale tickets.

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