Listen Up! YR Media’s Best Broadcast Essays of 2020

Listen Up! YR Media’s Best Broadcast Essays of 2020

Photo: Matt Botsford/Unsplash

As 2020 comes to a close, we want to take you back to some of our favorite radio essays that sum up this crazy, overwhelming year. We touched on it all, from Black Lives Matter to the ups-and-downs of online learning. Put on those earbuds and enjoy…

Allyship Shouldn’t Be Performative

By: Primo Lagaso Goldberg

“The biggest mistake some of my non-Black friends make trying to be allies is getting caught up with how they are perceived by others. Allyship shouldn’t be performative. It shouldn’t be for other people.”

A Minnesotan Weighs In: Is There Hope After The Hashtags?

By: Erinna Jiles

“I grew up in St. Paul, and as an African-American, I know there is racism here, but I rarely see it actively on display. In South Minneapolis, where Floyd died, most of the people I’ve met are super liberal and white people who ‘care.’ The murder happening in this neighborhood, makes me question the Minnesota I know.”

I’m Logged On, But Left Out

By: Daizy Okazaki

“As many schools start the year with online learning, I can’t help but question just how prepared they are to support students like me with learning disabilities and ADHD.”

Feeling the Pressure: First Time Voter Reflects on Historic Election

By: Adan Barrera

“I’m not sure if elections were always this overwhelming. Between the opinions of the media, the constant debates between the people around me, and my own thoughts, my brain constantly feels like a war zone — with ideas criss-crossing my mind like cannons being shot across the battlefield.”

High School Senior Shares Mixed Feelings About ‘Drive-Through’ Diploma

By: Lucy Barnum

“These last few months of senior year were supposed to be the highlight of my high school career. Instead, they feel empty and lonely. It’s baffling to think my high school experience has culminated in Zoom classes instead of a real senior spring.”  

Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community
Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community