What States Are Doing to Incentivize Vaccine Distribution

What States Are Doing to Incentivize Vaccine Distribution (Photo Courtesy of Peter Bravo de los Rios/ Unsplash )

Already fully vaccinated? Then you probably already know about some freebies major corporations are giving away to vaccinated customers. During the month of May, Budweiser, White Castle and Junior’s Cheesecake have been giving away some of their signature treats for free. While Krispy Kreme vows to offer free donuts to vaccinated patrons for the entire year. 

In Romania at Bran Castle, the inspiration for Dracula’s residence, COVID vaccines are being offered with the promise of a free tour afterward. Vaccinations are being incentivized during a critical time in the world’s inoculation process as demand slows down nearly everywhere in the country. 

States are now getting inspired by corporate give aways and offering their own incentives to their residents for getting vaccinated. Here are some on our radar.

Free Pizza + Beer 

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy promised a free beer to those who get their first shot during the month of May. The state has partnered with 13 chains to distribute adult beverages to those 21 and up while supplies last. 


The city of Benicia, in California, said “hold my beer,” offering free pizza to vaccinated citizens. According to ABC 7 News, appointments made among 16 to 24-year-olds rose from 10 to 150 after the pizza announcement. 

Cold Hard Cash 

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, announced that state employees would receive a $100 as incentive to receive the vaccine. Later, the governor also announced that employees who refused to take the CDC recommended booster shots, or second dose, would be forced to refund the 100 bucks. 

The state of West Virginia announced the formation of a distribution program designed to give out $100 savings bonds to newly vaccinated 16 to 35-year-olds. Ideally, the $100 bond would collect interest over time, yielding a profit for Virginians. This benefit also applies retroactively, and  bonds will be awarded to those vaccinated before the program was announced. 

On May 26 in Ohio, the state started $1 million lottery drawings for Ohioans who receive a vaccine. For those 18 and under, a similar lottery is set up with the winnings going towards college tuition. (And other states are jumping in too, with California announcing their cash prizes earlier this week and Maryland announcing their vaccine lottery last week.)  

Outdoor Festivities 

Arguably one of the biggest freebies one can get is attending an outdoor event — something many Americans haven’t done in months. The state of New York is offering free tickets to Mets and Yankees games, the Bronx Zoo and free trips on the Metro with proof of vaccination.

Chicago is also offering events exclusively for fully vaccinated patrons, launching the Protect Chicago Music Series, distributing free tickets. Attendees must show their vaccination card and make a reservation to see musical performances live.  

On May 15, Alabama officials allowed those who got the vaccine to take two whole laps on Talladega Superspeedway, a classic racing venue. Drivers had to bring their own cars and drive at “highway speed.”

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