Agree To Disagree: Subtitles or Nah?

Agree To Disagree: Subtitles or Nah?


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Agree to Disagree: To Netflix with subtitles or nah?

Fun Adult ISH fact: Merk and Nyge have only met twice in real life and this “Agree to Disagree” segment was recorded on the first day of knowing each other. Nyge says subtitles ruin the watching experience. Merk believes subtitles are your best friend, especially when watching scary movies alone…on the toilet.

Check out the full conversation on YR Media’s Adult ISH podcast (episode 3 – Life ISH).


“I honestly feel like if you watch TV with subtitles, you’re less of a human being…”

“What’s the point of having easter eggs in your work when you’re just gonna have subtitles?”

“I put my VHS in my Walkman and I watch this movie…”


“How many fingers am I holding up? Read between the lines!”

“I could sit on the toilet, watch a scary movie, I’d pee a little and it’d be fine.”

“Subtitles are my friend because they’re helping me me out. They’re like, ‘Hey. This is the part that’s a little scary.'”

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