Playlist: Self Care Pt 3 – Productivity

Playlist: Self Care Pt 3 – Productivity (Photo Credit: via Flickr)

To finish off my trilogy of self-care playlists, I compiled a list of songs I play to keep myself productive. At the end of the day, no matter how much we've been through or have to do, the only way we can solve our problems is to be productive and do something about it. This is easier said than done of course, but I hope that the progression from my previous playlists help assess what needs to get done in order to be a happier you! Anyway, here's some good music. A LOT of instrumentals, because it's not always easy to work or get your mind right with someone singing in the background.

Boris Blenn - Dream

Boris Blenn is a random trip-hop jazz type artist that I stumbled upon one day, and it was one of those times where you find a song you love, but then the rest of the artist’s music you're not feeling at all. Anyway, I love me some instrumentals to help me focus.

BADBADNOTGOOD & Little Dragon - Tried

BADBADNOTGOOD & Little Dragon: YO! I was shook when I heard this was a collab and then the song hit and I was like damn. Yea that's basically it. It's a good-ass song.

Kamasi Washington - Street Fighter Mas

Kamasi Washington makes music that literally speaks to my heart, I don’t understand how deep his genius goes but this song is beautiful, and is basically a story through sound.

Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

Idris Muhammad is an OG of jazz and this song is so damn beautiful, it makes me feel like getting my life in order.

Estelle & Sean Paul - Come Over

An Estelle & Sean Paul timeless classic. This is just a song that I love that makes me nostalgic, and therefore, is something I can just zone out and get some work done to.

Ross From Friends - Talk To Me You’ll Understand

Ross From Friends makes music for people who have fun playing with slime and staring at lava lamps. That’s fasho me though, and this music is so damn relaxing.

Jamie XX - Sleep Sound

Jamie XX goes crazy for this one.  This is most definitely a track that will have you doing your taxes in peace.

TOKiMONSTA - Stigmatizing Sex

TOKiMONSTA put so much imagination and feeling into this track that it just makes me hype. This track helps me assess what I have to do and whatnot...I love music that just gives me ideas.

Soft Hair - Lying Has To Stop

A smooth-ass track from Soft Hair. It will provide you with a dope background.

Kelis & André 3000 - Millionaire

Kelis & André 3000 made history with this song, and honestly this track just makes me feel like WORKING like "damn how did they make this track so good?"

This concludes my trilogy of self-care playlists. I hope that they help you think about stepping out of your comfort zone and everyday routine, exploring something new, and finding out more about yourself. It's easy to get caught up in the every day, to lose sight of what we can be doing to better understand and treat ourselves. Remember that above all, to be happy, you have to be happy with yourself. So take some time, relax, and recognize the little things you can start with to further your self care.

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