#WeekendPlaylist: What’s on Repeat for Us

We can’t get enough of NLE Choppa, Audrey Nuna and Pinegrove’s latest releases.

#WeekendPlaylist: What’s on Repeat for Us (Kevin Winter via Getty Images)

While new music has been so easy to come by, it’s almost overwhelming. Never fear, the YR Staff came together and did the hard part of picking out the best songs from recent albums and mixtapes. 

Check out some of our favorite slaps, in no particular order.

Hook – “get out my face (GTFO)” 

Hook clowns industry robots and rejects the sexist rap industry on “get out my face (GTFO).” Hook delivers poetic thoughts and unusual rhyme schemes on energetic electronic beats and pitched-up drums. Her recent project “From, Hook” is a must-listen. 

Squirrel Flower – “long day’s done”

Squirrel Flower is melancholy and hallucinogenic on her latest effort. “Planet EP” is full of choir-like harmonies and dreamy lyrics. Squirrel Flower, born Ella Williams, sings with vivid imagery over a gentle but intricate guitar, “Peach skies and water green/All sides and peaceful trees/It’s flooding below me I can see.” Brace yourself for an emotional roller coaster. 

NLE Choppa – “Still Hood”

NLE Choppa pauses the more aggressive, flashy, and combative tone of the album to reflect on his past on “Still Hood.” Producers CashMoneyAP and Daniel Moras skillfully sampled Dazz Band’s “Let It Whip.” NLE Choppa addresses changes in his financial circumstances, social circle, responsibilities, and mindset. Who doesn’t love growth?   

Vegyn – “Another Time another PLace” [141 BPM]

While it’s difficult to highlight just one song, from the 70-song project, “Another Time another PLace,”  is a clear winner. The track demonstrates Veygn’s range. Vegyn sticks to creating dynamic electronic music, this time around Vegyn opts for a more lush lo-fi soundscape. What sounds like pitched-up laughter, electronic piano, and 808s combine to produce a euphoric and calming musical experience.

Doe Boy – “OPP PARTY” (feat. Nardo Wick & G Herbo)

Steer clear of mosh pits when Doe Boy performs “OPP PARTY” on tour. Nardo Wick and G Herbo appear on Doe Boy’s latest album, “OH REALLY,” fresh off the heels of their viral 2021 song, “Who Want Smoke?” Doe Boy raps a memorable chorus, pulling the best from the two rappers, while Nardo Wick and G Herbo deliver some of their best feature verses. 

Pinegrove – “Habitat”

Pinegrove starts their recent project, “11:11,” with the alt-rock hit “Habitat.”

Lead-singer Even Stephens Hall poignantly vocalizes over stripped-back guitar riffs before exploding into an intense chorus. The nearly seven-minute long song switches to a calmer mood for the latter two-thirds, while narrative-driven lyrics gently ease listeners over a downtempo instrumental. 

BlocBoy JB & EST Gee – “Smoke”

Blocboy JB enlists EST Gee on this track from his recent project “Bacc 2 Da Bloc.” The chemistry between the two southern rappers is apparent. Blocboy JB and EST Gee rap over a heavy bass-filled track while a faint piano dances in the background. EST Gee impressively rhymes with the same “uh” flow throughout the Tay Keith produced track.

AUDREY NUNA – “changes” (pt. 2)

AUDREY NUNA dropped her debut, “a liquid breakfast,” last week with features from Jack Harlow, Saba, and BEAM. The R&B singer shows off her rapping skills on “changes (pt. 2),” the penultimate song on the project. Poetic metaphors sprinkle reflective lyrics, vocalized at varying speeds and tones. The short track closes the alternative soul album with a memorable bang.

Maverick Sabre – “Good Man”

Although Maverick Sabre has songs with big names like Jorja Smith and Joey Bada$$, he seems to be largely overlooked by the average R&B fan. The London-based singer-songwriter recently dropped his third studio album, “Don’t Forget to Look Up,” and “Good Man” is in the running to become the most popular song of the project. Sabre’s uses his raspy voice to reminisce about unrequited love over soulful production. The somewhat sad and reflective lyrics still feel like a warm Sunday afternoon.

Babyface Ray – “Sincerely Face” 

Babyface Ray recently blessed fans by releasing his latest album, “FACE,” — a stellar 20-track project filled with sharp guest features and several songs with cross-over potential. Babyface Ray confidently raps over a faint piano, and light 808s on his single “Sincerely Face.” The hit song is representative of his unapologetic Detroit roots, as well as a bold crossing over into the national rap scene.

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