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Demetrius Harmon (fka MeechOnMars on Vine) gets in his feels about how his mom saved his life and why communities of color struggle to talk about depression (10:00). Comedian and musician Lane Moore tackles Celine Dion-inspired #allbymyself goals and talks about her book “How To Be Alone” (25:24). NPR’s former business reporter Sonari Glinton rants about credit scores and crushes Nyge’s Jeep Wrangler dreams (1:57).

Momma I Made It: Artist Demetrius Harmon

“It is really early and the only thing I’ve eaten is ice cream.”
(Courtesy of Demetrius Harmon)

Adult ISH co-hosts Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen get real in their feels about mental health issues with model, actor, and poet Demetrius Harmon (who you might’ve seen glowin’ up on Vine back in the day #RIPVine). His candid conversation with them goes into how his mom saved his life and why some POC don’t talk about depression or anxiety. 

Find resources and more stories that go #beyondselfcare to start a new conversation about mental health.

#GOALS: Comedian Lane Moore

“‘Be strong! Move on girl!’ That advice is bullsh*t.”
(Courtesy of Lane Moore)

Dealing with loneliness can be a freakin’ bummer. Just ask comedian Lane Moore who wrote a book titled “How To Be Alone.” The comedian/musician tells Merk and Nyge much of the advice out there is generic bullsh*t but who needs that when you have Lane to tell you straight up how to get through your sh*t?

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Fine Finance: Sonari Glinton

“You’re 22 years old. You don’t need no car and you definitely don’t need no Jeep Wrangler.”
(Courtesy of Sonari Glinton)

Nyge gets his childhood dream of owning a red Jeep Wrangler crushed as he gets financial advice from an expert. NPR’s former business reporter, Sonari Glinton, is in to talk about credit: what it is, how to build it up, and why he thinks 22-year-olds (like Nyge) should stop thinking about Jeep Wranglers and Drake captions that make you look baller.

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