2019 Advice from Olympians, Comedians, Actors and More

2019 Advice from Olympians, Comedians, Actors and More


Advice That’ll Help You Get Your 2019 $h*t Together

2019 is here and you know what that means? A whole ‘notha year full of random swerves that life is gonna put in all of our paths. Some guests from Season 1 of the podcast I co-host called “Adult ISH” — a show for fellow 20-somethings trying to figure out their young adult lives — #knowthatfeel and have words of wisdom that might help you keep your sh*t “ish” together this year.

Stand-up comedian Joel Kim Booster’s strategy for the dating app scene:

“If you want to catch anything you’ve got to set the traps.”


OWN’s “Love Is ________” star Will Catlett‘s general life advice:

“Be patient. … Nobody really told me that. Work your gift. Not your knowledge, not your wisdom, but your gift, because that is unique to you.”


What Muslim American Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad suggests you do with your homies who call out your wardrobe choices:

“If your friend is a hater, [get] new friends for sure, and wear that jumpsuit if you feel good in it.”


Stockton, Calif., Mayor Michael Tubbs says gettin’ swol is key:

“Start going to the gym, man. When you start at 28, it is not pretty.”

“The Daily Show” Senior Correspondent Ronny Chieng’s tip on time:

“Don’t be afraid to take your time to grow up. I was too anxious about trying to be an adult when I really wasn’t.”

Poet Ashlee Haze’s warm words for people who struggle with colorism:

“The truth is that you’re worthy. You’re absolutely gorgeous the way you are. I hate to say cliché stuff, but you need to believe it.”

“Black-ish” actor Marcus Scribner on what to say to your folks if they’re throwing shade at who you’re dating:

“It’s really about the person and the connection that you share with them. If you’re happy and your parents can’t accept that, tough luck.”

Do-it-yourself YouTuber LaurDIY on gettin’ those follows on social media:

“Find what you’re passionate about, build a brand for yourself and make everything cohesive.”

“Bumblebee” actor Jorge Lendeborg Jr. on what he would (or wouldn’t) say to his younger self:

“I’d be super Mr. Miyagi. I wouldn’t say anything. I’d be like, ‘Hey guy, figure it out. Bye!’”


Musician and writer Lane Moore’s pep talk of getting through any holiday alone:

“Feel proud of yourself because…you’re still here. … Sometimes that’s the bravest thing of all, and if you don’t believe me, it’s a line in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’”


Actor and poet Demetrius Harmon (FKA Meechonmars) on what he’d tell his future self:

“Listen to your kids about the things they want and don’t get too consumed with work.”


Disabilities rights advocate Haben Girma’s hype up to Nyge and Merk (who are too chicken to try surfing):

“The world is dangerous. You can’t let sharks stop you from doing something fun! It’s a matter of trying, taking lessons and pushing yourselves.”

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