Sneaker Culture Is Alive and Well on Social Media

Sneaker Culture Is Alive and Well on Social Media (Photo: Maja Hitij/Getty Images)

At a family dinner, I tuned in to my cousins’ conversation about sneakers. I asked them how COVID has affected sneaker culture. As someone who isn't all into shoe culture, I assumed people probably aren’t buying them when we’re all stuck inside. But to my surprise, they said the shoe game has been thriving on social media.

Despite not being able to go shopping at the mall, they told me about how people are buying and selling shoes over Facebook and Instagram. To them, a shoe does not have to be expensive to be nice, but the shoes they were paying attention to had high prices — mainly because of exclusivity. They talked about upcoming shoe releases that they were getting hyped about, like this one from Kid Cudi and Adidas: 

Upcoming Kid Cudi x Adidas shoe release, Vadawam 326 (Photo: Adidas)

So if you’re looking for inspiration to up your shoe game or ideas on what to get any of your shoe-obsessed loved ones for the holidays, here's a list of social media accounts that can help you out.

The Perfect Pair

Showing off an array of different shoes, Kenny Gonzales, who goes by “the_perfect_pair,” is an icon in sneaker culture. He arranges his shoes with an artistic element. In one photo, he arranges his shoes in a circle, each shoe a different color of the classic Nike Dunk SB. In another picture, he wears a pair of Freddy Krueger SB dunks and a matching pair of black and red socks to make the perfect duo shoe/sock combo.

If you’re searching for an array of different shoes to inspire your sneaker collection, or hunting for that perfect pair of shoes, look no further than the_perfect_pair.


When I think of sneaker culture, my mind first pictures a group of guys hanging out in a shoe store or men standing in long lines waiting to get their hands on the latest shoe.

Sneaker culture, at times, can feel like it’s dominated by or catered to men, but that’s definitely not the case. This Instagram user, who goes by Careaux, breaks this mold.

Caroll van den Brom styles shoes for her and her baby. Her online posts completely complement her mother-daughter vibe. And she also has "outfit of the day" posts if you’re experimenting with pairing your sneakers with big statement pieces like fur coats. Look to this creator for her sick sneaker illustrations and her approach to styling shoes for young children.



RATE THESE Jordan’s 1-10 🤔 with me and @ebay ⚡ #Sneakers #Sneakerhead #eBayPartner

♬ dear katara - L.Dre

This TikToker, who’s goes by “devanondeck,” creates content to give his viewers advice. He answers questions people ask him about sneakers and dishes out tips. From “What are good shoes under $100?” to “What are some nice purple shoes?” this TikToker tells you what’s hot and what’s not — all while taking into account the different economic backgrounds people might fall into. For example, in some of his videos, he shows off different shoes that retail for under $50. Perfect for somebody who is looking for a nice pair of shoes that will not break the bank. 

PrettyieCustoms & DrownCustomz


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♬ Party Girl - StaySolidRocky

Looking for a way to personalize your sneakers? PrettyieCustoms and DrownCustomz are artists who document their work designing and creating custom shoes on TikTok.

While many people would prefer to keep their shoes the way they purchased them, others would rather add their own twist to theirs. If you’re someone like this, then these users will surely inspire you to go out and make a pair of shoes the way you like them.

Their videos show the entire process of a shoe going from plain to having a super-cool design. The final product is amazing to see, and is also extremely satisfying to watch. 

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