Are These Producer-Picked Adult ISH Episodes Also Your Faves?

Are These Producer-Picked Adult ISH Episodes Also Your Faves?

Artwork created by Nimah Gobir

Adult ISH, our very own storytelling, advice and culture podcast, just wrapped up another 10-episode season. Over the course of four seasons, co-hosts Merk Nguyen and Nyge Turner have tackled “adulting” topics from imposter syndrome to heartbreak, the American Dream to male birth control, and so much more. But which of these topics (and their respective episodes) have a special place in our producers’ hearts? Whether you’re new to the show or a longtime member of the Adult ISH fam, here are the team’s favorites — and why they are personally significant.

Nyge Turner (Co-Host): Mom ISH

Little Nyge kisses his mom, Tracy’s, cheek.
(Art created by Teo Ducot)

Mom ISH is the one that I hold closest to my heart and will play for my kids one day. While I can’t muster the strength to listen to this episode nowadays (and neither can other members of my family), it’s one of those journal entries on this show that I will forever bookmark.

Merk Nguyen (Co-Host): Asian ISH

Merk throws up a peace sign and sits
in front of maps of the USA and Asia.
(Art created by Marion Emme)

Growing up, I thought being “Asian” meant the same thing as being “Vietnamese” because the two terms were used interchangeably in my house. But I was re-reminded through this episode that Asian experiences aren’t monolithic! *gasp* I wanted listeners to hear this for themselves by talking about relatable topics, like food, colorism and representation, but get varying personal perspectives from folx who identify as Asian in some way. Last but not least, this episode features music from my childhood homie. (Check out Medna here!)

Georgia Wright (Producer): Silver Linings ISH

Tank from NOLA’s Tank and the Bangas sings on stage!
(Photo: Natasha Moustache/Getty Images)

I’ll admit I’m a little biased since this is the first episode I helped produce as part of the Adult ISH crew… We wanted to do a show that both acknowledged how difficult 2020 was for our listeners, while providing them (and us!) some much-needed joy. So, we heard hype new music from the effervescent Tank and the Bangas and a gorgeous poem from pleasure activist adrienne maree brown. All in all, the episode is a buoyant shortcut to feeling the warm-and-fuzzies — which, let’s be real, we could all use more of these days.

Davey Kim (Senior Producer): Period ISH

Nyge undergoes a period simulation in this episode.
(Art created by Nimah Gobir)

Producing this episode is reason #537 that I’m grateful that I will never have a period… Even though I grew up around many people who got periods, as a cis-male, I was never really clued in about what exactly goes on until my later teens. Even then, I still learned SO MUCH listening to Merk lead a real talk roundtable on the topic. Plus, I will never forget when Nyge made me do too many sit ups (for his “manstruation” experiment) in order to mimic what it’s like to sorta have period cramps. My nonexistent abs are still sore to this day.

Rebecca Martin (Executive Producer): Cuffed ISH

Would you reach out to your ex and have
them take a relationship eval about you?
(Art created by YR Media’s Arts Department)

While I have many favorite episodes, Cuffed ISH is the one that immediately comes to mind because of the unexpected advice from sexologist Shan Boodram — that to be good at relationships, you have to get feedback from your exes… WHAA?? When the co-hosts did just that for the second half of the episode, I remember thinking, “They are braver than I am! I can’t believe they did this!” But of course, I was fascinated and listened to every. single. word.

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Coronavirus Update to YR Media Community