Asian ISH

Asian ISH

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In this episode of Adult ISH, co-host Merk Nguyen asks other Asian Americans about their traumatic (yet delicious) smelly school lunches. She also chats with her friends, co-workers and actress Asia Jackson about their experiences with colorism. Then, Merk and Disney’s Peyton Elizabeth Lee get into representation and how people think they’re the same person?!

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Colorism Convo with Actress Asia Jackson

“Colorism is systemic. It’s not just a beauty standard. It really affects people’s livelihoods.”
(Courtesy of Asia Jackson)

When you’re discriminated against because of your skin color it’s called colorism, and it typically happens within your own ethnic community. It’s something actress Asia Jackson (creator of #MagandangMorenx), YR Media’s Marjerrie Masicat, Merk’s friend Kamna Shastri and Merk herself have faced within their own communities. Co-host Nyge Turner also joins the group to bring awareness to this issue through a sobering conversation.

Momma I Made It: Disney Star Peyton Elizabeth Lee

“When you describe yourself the first thing shouldn’t be ‘I’m an Asian American.’ It’s part of you but it isn’t who you are.”
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Merk is apparently a doppelgänger of Disney Channel’s Peyton Elizabeth Lee, a.k.a the crafty Andi Mack, and she finally meets her celebrity “twin”! The two bond over their Asian American identities and immigrant family histories. Peyton also talks about working with Lauren Tom of “The Joy Luck Club” and racism in Hollywood.

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